Integrated policy

CONECTA, Logistics & Engineering, S.L. is a company founded in 2018 with the aim of facilitating and optimising the transport of all types of general and essential freight by planning, managing, and monitoring flow from place of origin to final destination.

To do this, we have created the “Conecta Method”, which consists of offering our clients a personalised service that provides logistical solutions that contribute to increasing service efficiency and reducing their environmental footprint, in addition to reducing expenses.

We are backed by a young, highly-trained team that is both cohesive and close. We are concerned about and focused on empathising with clients and earning their loyalty, without losing sight of our team’s well-being, by supporting their personal and professional growth.

Becoming a leading company with innovative logistics sector and related engineering projects is one of the CONECTA, Logistics & Engineering, S.L. company’s firm commitments.

To do this, we expressly state our fundamental commitment to:

  • Improving all our projects’ environmental care, security, and quality in order to comply with this Policy.
  • Complying with all legal and internal requirements, as well as those of our clients.
  • Analysing data that helps us objectively understand the level of quality of our products, services, and processes, as well as the perception our clients have thereof in order to establish actions that help us continuously improve and maintain the efficacy of our system.
  • Working on preventing pollution, using energy resources efficiently, and minimising our own harmful environmental aspects and those derived from our services.
  • Working together with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators to continuously improve our environmental actions.
  • Fostering a safe work environment for our personnel, providing the right protective equipment and proper training to ensure that each employee is prepared to carry out their tasks safely. Working to prevent damage and deterioration to health, detecting situations of risk and their causes, and taking the actions necessary to guarantee continued improvement to occupational health and safety management and performance.
  • Establishing the objectives of our integrated management system, following the strategic management of CONECTA, Logistics & Engineering, S.L.
  • We will enhance communication at all levels of the company, ensuring Consultation and Participation with all personnel in matters of occupational health and safety.
  • We are committed to this Policy being understood and accepted by all personnel, and having it available to our stakeholders.