Together by land, sea & air

We efficiently plan, manage, and control the flow of your goods from the origin point to the final destination point. We work hard with our working method to fulfil our customers’ needs and offer them satisfactory and effective transport services

Business areas

Worldwide Services

We make the difficult easy; from all possible origins to all destinations – just contact our Logistics Department. We are leaders in transporting wind energy components.

General Cargo

Our services are worldwide and cover all types of industries. Our specialised team takes care of managing and monitoring all the phases of the logistic flow with innovative, individual solutions tailored to our customers requirements.

Special Cargo

We handle special heavy parts with extreme care. We also manage all types of permits needed for the task and coordinate all the necessary means (traffic, police, authorities, structural reports/calculations, transport, etc.) to ensure that any type of special load reaches its destination in perfect condition and in the stipulated timeframe – a job that requires the teamwork of all parties involved.


Our Sales, Operations, and Engineering Departments work synchronized to offer you the best solution after analysing all the critical aspects of your project. Our offer covers the actual needs of your project based upon the conclusions of that initial study in which we gather all the necessary information. We will warn you beforehand of any potential risks and providing technical solutions without leaving any detail of the operation to chance.

Wind energy sector

We work for a sector which is in constant evolution, with components increasingly larger and heavier with life cycles that are progressively shorter. We are “in the loop” in terms of constant changes in every single phase in logistics and transport.

Logistics solutions

We offer individual and tailored solutions. Channelling work thorough our Engineering Department allows us to reach alternative solutions and optimise resources offering better quality services, greater reliability transport solutions, and increasing financial competitiveness.

Modes of transport

Transport by land

We have a vast network of partners around Europe that allows us to work with all types of FTL/LTL loads at the national and international levels.

Transport by sea

We offer FCL/LCL/RoRo/BB/Charter services for transporting your goods to and from any part of the world – whether for standard loads or oversized and/or heavy loads.

Transport by air

If you’re looking for quick delivery, we can provide you with a satisfactory solution that features a brief transit period. Thanks to our agent network, we can move your load to and from any part of the world.

Other services

International trade consulting

We can advise you on the commercial terms for your contracts. We analyse the material type, origin/destination, and shipping method, assessing the scope, risks, and obligations so as to select and set the Incoterms that are best for your financial and operational needs.

Shipping insurance

All shipments needs insurance, and each mode of transport has its own guidelines. We help you to choose the most appropriate insurance for each shipment and type of cargo.

Customs processing

We handle all types of customs processing – both for imports and exports.

Operational control and verification for vessels

We have highly qualified staff to load/unload any type of material transported by ship.