Technology and innovation working towards efficiency

We offer scientific and technological developments for the innovation, invention, development, and improvement of techniques and tools in order to optimise logistics processes.

Design, calculation, and certification

Transport equipment

We design any type of transport equipment for proper manipulation. Depending on the component’s physical requirements and the characteristics of the transport we design the correct means or equipment to be used.

Lashing equipment

We analyse the type of material to be transported, the shipping method, and the transport equipment to be used. Based upon our analysis, we define the necessary lashing materials and their positioning to restrict movement along any axis – always doing so in accordance with the applicable laws for each case.

Handling equipment

Transferring goods between transport teams is quite common, especially for certain type of shipments and materials. Additionally, the means and/or systems used for transporting the same goods can vary depending on the path they take.

Process definition


During the packaging handling process –particularly pallets, boxes, and any other main support elements– we include the necessary input data so the goods can be properly handled with the proper handling equipment (forklifts, overhead cranes, pallet trucks, reach stackers, etc.).


Throughout the process of handling the packaging –particularly pallets, boxes, and any other main support elements– we include the necessary data inputs so that the packaged set can be properly handled with the equipment to be used (forklifts, overhead cranes, pallet trucks, reach stackers, etc.).

Lashing and securement of cargo

Once the is analysed on its type and shipping method, we define the lashing points and other necessary elements to carry the good safely for the required type of transport, doing so all the loading operations will be in accordance with applicable regulations at the time for each type of transport.

Method statement

At Conecta, we define and coordinate all type of projects by issuing a Method Statement that has been agreed upon with our customer to minimise operational and human risks and ensure successful execution.

Other services

Layouts for general loads

We analyse the characteristics of the cargo and study the way to optimise the transport equipment, aiming to minimise logistics costs.

Stowage plans

We design stowage plans for operations related with loading goods in vessels. We optimise space; if necessary, we distribute the load depending on the order items are unloaded at different ports and we sequence operations aiming to minimise possible downtime related with moving hatch covers, changing lifting means, etc.

Optimisation of resources

Thanks to our experience and methods we use, we optimise operations and resources, bringing about cost savings for our customers.